Susan Fearce looking for her parents Ben and Lucinda and her siblings

Do You Know Them.
I desire to know the whereabouts of
my relation. I was born in Virginia.
My father was named Ben and my moth-
er's [mother's] name was Lucinda, (I suppose)
Smith. I was sold to the traders. Dick
Donald, my master then. He was not
my mother and father's owner, but was
related to them in some way. I was
given to him as part or the property with
many others, and Donald sold me to
Pleas Howard and he then sold me to
Thom Banks who carried me to Texas.
My Brothers, the eldest was named
Tax, next Jim, Ben, Jr. and Charlie.
My eldest sisters name was Jane,
next Mary, Sarah and Nancy and they
went in, or by, the old owner's name.
They were Smiths. When I was sold
to Ples Howard to brought me to Rich-
mond [Richmond] and this man Tom Banks bought
me out of the traders' yard and carried
me to Texas. Now dear sir, I was so
small I could not remember the county
from which I came, but it took [two short words, indecipherable]
well as I can remember, we left Don-
ald's [Donald's] home in the morning by hack and
about mid-evening we came to a little
town probably Charlottesville, or some-
thing [something] of the kind. Here we stayed all
night and next morning we went by
rail to another town and got there early
in the day, possibly soon after noon.
Thence we took a train and ran into
Richmond before noon and it was from
there I was sold into Texas,
Please write to,
Spanish Camp,
Wharton Co., Texas

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