Bennet H. Forrest seeking the family of his mother Sarah Forrest (formerly Sally Johnson and Sally Brown)

MR. EDITOR: I desire to inquire for my mother's relatives whom she left in Cloverport, Ky. Her father's name was Bennet, and mother's Deliley Johnson. Brothers, Rolling, Elisha, Westley, and Bob. Johnson; and her name was at that time Sally Johnson. My mother also had a brother named Smith Boulette by father. Her son's name was Henry Clay Brown. She left him *in Elizabethtown, Ky. Before peace was declared her brothers belonged to the Fishers, Zake, brother of Clayton Fisher. She used to belong to Thomas Brown, brother of Elisha Brown. She also had some cousins, whom she left in Lexington, Ky. One was named Bettey. Any information from any one will be thankfully received. My mother's name was Sally Brown, but is now changed to Sarah Forrest. Address her Chestnut near Valence streets, New Orleans, La. BENNET H FORREST.

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