Diana Lange searching for her siblings Betsey, Juno, William, Thomas, and John Lange

DEAR EDITOR--I desire to in-
quire [inquire] for my two sisters and three
brothers. My sisters' names were
Betsy and Juno Lange. My broth-
ers [brothers] were William, Thomas and John
Lange. The last time I saw them
they were in South Carolina, in
1856, when I was taken to Louis-
iana [Louisiana] by Edward Boykin. The last
time I heard from them they had
gone to Marshall, Texas. Sister
Betsy and brother John went with
T. Lange. Sister Juno and broth-
ers [brothers] William and Tom went with
Edward Lange to Texas. Any in-
formation [information] about them will be glad-
ly [gladly] received. Address me in care of
A. E. P. Albert, Houma, Terre-
bonne [Terrebonne] parish, La.

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