Lizzie Abram searching for her mother Eliza Wilson and her siblings

DEAR EDITOR—I wish to inquire for my kin folks, whom I left in 1862. I left mother in New Or-leans [New Orleans], living on Camp street. Her name was Eliza Wilson. She be-longed [belonged] to Captain Wilson. I left two of my brothers with her. They went by the names of Alfred and Sam Wilson. One sister was named Delia. She was sold to Captain Hand, who lived on the coast. My other sister, Sophronia, was living on Bayou Lafourche. I belonged to Captain Strike. My name was Liz-zie [Lizzie], but was called Bet for short. I was sold to Dr. Buckner, of Milli-can’s [Millican’s] Bend, and from there to Texas. Any information of the above will be gladly received. Please address me at Hearne Station, Robertson Co, Texas. LIZZIE ABRAM.

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