Sarah Ann Huff (formerly Sarah Ann Jackson Peter) searching for her father Jerry Jackson

MR. EDITOR—I am more than anxious to hear or gain some information of, or from, my father, whom I left in Louisa Court-house, a post-village, capital of Louisa Co., Virginia, on the Central railroad, sixty miles northwest of Richmond. His name was Jerry Jackson. He belonged to Mr. John Barn. My mother, his wife, belonged to Joe Goodwin, also his children, viz : Mary Eliza, Sarah, Jeremiah, Ellen Jackson—four of us. Goodwin married in the Lipscomb family, and after the division of said estate, my mother, Mary, -Eliza, Ellen and Jeremiah feel to Goodwin. I fell to Robert Lipscomb. About '60 or '61 Goodwin, with my mother, two sisters and brother, also Lipscomb with myself, came to Texas. We left father in Virginia, as Lipscomb could not buy him. We heard that he came down toward Louisiana in 1870. Any information leading to his whereabouts will be thankfully received by me. I have since married T. H. Huff. My former names was Sarah Ann Jackson Peter; of my father, Jerry Jack. Address me in care of my husband T.H. Huff, at Rutersville, Texas.


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