John Doty searching for his mother May Doty

DEAR EDITOR—I wish to inquire for my mother, May Doty. Her husband's name was Garret Doty. I had three sisters, Harriet, Angelina and Catherine ; and a brother, James Monroe. My aunts were Hannah, Eliza and Alice Doty. My old master was N. Doty, his wife Maranda and sons James, Tim, George and Henry. Mother's brother was Thomas Doty and Thomas Nighting was his father. Katy Doty was my grandmother. Mother's sister was Alice. Alice's husband was Randall and son Scott. Mike Doty and I were sold to Levi Doty, who took us to Black river, Texas. I left them in Clinton, Missippi. Address your letters to P. Wilson, Marlin, Falls Co, Texas. My name is JOHN DOTY.

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