Jason McCloud searching for his father Jason, mother Rosa, siblings, wife, and children

DEAR EDITOR—I hope that you can be of assistance to me in looking up my relations whom I left in South Carolina in the year 1856. I came from York City, S. C. My master's name was Bob McCloy. He died and I was sold at public sale with my entire family, consisting of father, mother, brothers and sisters. Mrs. Wm. Robinson bought father and mother. Father's name was Jason and mother's Rosa. My eldest brother, Jim, was a shoemaker. A man by the name of Hearn bought him. Hearn kept a tan yard. My other brothers' names are George, Jake, Sam, Bill, Jack and Dan : sisters', Margaret and Jane. I left a wife with five children; her name was Martha and belonged to Edward Burse. Brothers Dan, Bill and Sam were sold to traders; the rest of the family were bought by the citizens. I am very anxious to hear from my family. My address is Anderson, Grimes Co., Texas. JASON McCLOUD

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