Eddie Manuel (formerly Eve Gregg) searching for her children January and Beckey Grimbol

DEAR EDITOR: I would like [undecipherable] make an inquiry to see if you ca[undecipherable] find out where my children a[undecipherable] They left me in Mattersville, Mis[undecipherable] and used to belong to Mr. Gu[undecipherable]bol. One was January Grimb[undecipherable] and was sold to a Mr. Johns [undecipherable] Georgia in the year of 184[undecipherable] Beckey Grimbol was sold to D[undecipherable] Pharrias in Alabama. I was so[undecipherable] to Rios Gregg and have been her[undecipherable] in Houston for forty years; now [undecipherable] am so I cannot help myself ; n[undecipherable] one to look to. My mother wa[undecipherable] named Becky Polk; she lived o[undecipherable] Raften Creek in South Carolina My aunt was Lucy Moore, and sh[undecipherable] lived on Black River in South Carolina. My sister was named Susan Moore, and she belonged to [undecipherable] Moore too. My brother was Arnee [undecipherable] Butler and lived in Mississippi. My sister was Jane Butler. Her children nursed Dora and Huming; the older was named Tempy My name was Eve Gregg and now my name is Eddie Manual, my husband was named Toby Manual. He died in the year of 1880, and left me by myself in Houston, and now I am too old to make a living for myself. Eddie Manuel, care A. R. Lee, Box 28 Vine street. Houston, Tex.

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