Henrietta Berry searching for her husband's family

DEAR EDITOR—I wish to inquire for my husband's family. I was sold from him by Joe Stevens, of Bedford county, middle Tennessee, to a speculator. I had four children, Ethlinda, Charley, Willie and Berry. When we got to Texas we were all bought by Thomas Clay. I heard that my husband was put on the block and sold to the highest bidder in Memphis, Tennessee. Joe Berry married my aunt Hannah, who belonded to Smith Willis. Miss Joe had three brothers, Anthony, George and Tom. They had three sisters, Millie, Jane and Matilda. Their father was killed by a horse Their mother's name was Betty Kernington. Tom and John Berry were owned by Rich Willis, of Richmond county, Virginia. Please address me at Whitman's P.O. Washington county, Texas. HENRIETTA BERRY.

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