Eliza Handy (formerly Eliza Dancey) searching for her children Mollida Barnett, Mary Slaughter, and Ellen

DEAR EDITOR- I wish to inquire for my three children. Mollida Barnett, the first one, left me about 40 years ago, was bought by speculators in Charlotte, N.C., and carried to Columbus, Ala. Mary Slaughter was carried from Canton to New Orleans. She belonged to Lewis Slaughter, who sold her in New Orleans, where he kept a tavern. Daughter Ellen used to belong to Bill Smith, and he sold her to William Buckles who carried her to Texas. When she left me, about twenty years ago, she had one child. They both went from M[undecipherable]n Co., Miss. When Mollie was s[undecipherable]d he went by the name of Mollinzie Dinkins. Address me at Canton, Miss., in care of W.B. Ricks. My name was Eliza Dancey when the children went away, but now it is ELIZA HANDY.

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