Mrs. Dr. C. T. Howard (formerly Anna Maria White) searching for her grandmother Palmer, aunts, and uncles

MR EDITOR— I wish to inquire for my grandmother, aunt and uncle. Grandmother's owner was Dr. Palmer, of Sumpter county, Alabama. Her name was Palmer. She had seven daughters and two sons the last I heard of her, namely: Maria, who belonged to Dr. Palmer; Gracy Devan, Dorcas Ridel, Manda Brackton, Zelpher Truthgill, Hannah Truthgill, Philis Watkins. I am the daughter of Phillis Watkins. My name was Anna Maria Watkins, but now it is Mrs. Dr. C. T. Howard. Aunts Zelpher and Hannah went to Macon, Miss., with Sead Truthgill. Aunt Manda went to Rush Co , Texas, with Ed Braun Aunt Dorcas lived in Fairfield, Ala. with Mrs Ridel. Aunt Gracy lived in Wallace Co , Ala, with John Devan. Address me corner of Arabella and Perrier streets, New Orleans, La.

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