Watson Duckweth searching for his parents Jennie and Edmond Woods, and his siblings

MR. EDITOR: I desire information of my people. In South Carolina, in 1846 we belonged to Robert Woods. My mother and father were Jennie and Edmond Woods. Robert Woods sold them to a neighbor, after which he took brothers George Logan, Rufus, Pinckney, Leeroy Burton Woods, and myself to Georgia, about 100 miles east of Resaca. We stayed with Robert Woods two years, and then he traded me to his brother-in-law, Martin Ward, for a waiting-girl named Mahala Ward. That was the way I was parted from my brothers. When freedom was declared, I was freed from Duckweth, and now I go by the name of WATSON DUCKWETH. Abbeville, Miss., care Rev. J. G. Johnson.

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