Mary Ann Freeman searching for her mother Leath, stepfather Abram Fruit, and siblings

DEAR EDITOR—I wish to inquire
for my people. I left my mother
when I was in Randolph county,
North Carolina. I was nine years
old, and belonged to William Mc-
Masters [McMasters]. He sold me to Hiram
York, three miles from his place,
and Hiram York sold me and my
aunt Rena to Bill Monday, and he
brought me to Richmond, Virginia,
and I was brought to Texas. My
mother's name was Leath ; my
step father's name was Abram
Fruit. My mother had seven chil-
dren [children]; I was the oldest girl; my
oldest brother's name was Jacob.
Mother had twins. The boy was
named Alfred and the girl Cathe-
rine [Catherine]. My oldest sister was named
Nancy Lonzine; my mother's baby's
name when I left was John Mon-
roe [Monroe]. My mistress' name was Hul-
da [Hulda] McMasters ; her daughter's
name was Mary Minervy. She
married a doctor by the name of
Hayworth. Her oldest son's name
was Louis Franklin McMasters. I
am now living in Galveston, Texas.
Please address your letters to Gal-
veston [Galveston], Texas, St. Paul. M. E.

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