John Forest searching for his mother Ann Forest and his siblings

MR. EDITOR:-- I wish to inquire
for my relatives from whom I was
stolen while living in Ozark, Ark.
My mother had four children:
Claro and Millie; the baby was
boy, but I cannot remember his
name. Dr. Forest brought our
family from Huntsville, Washing
ton [Washington] Co., Ark., to Ozark, Ark.
During the war Dr. Forest carried
father to Texas. I was stolen soon
afterwards while mother, Claro
and I were milking. I learned
afterwards that mother, in com-
pany [company] with my two sisters, Claro
and Millie, and the baby , all went
to Kansas; this was the last I heard
of them. Father's name was Gerry
Forest. Mother's, Anu Forest.
My name is John Forest. Address
me at Van Buren, Ark., in care of
Rev. W. R. R. Duneau, P. E.

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