Gye Smith searching for his children

DEAR EDITOR - I wish to inquire for my children whom I left in Madison county, Alabama. It has been 20 years since I came away from there with Felix Smith, when the estate was divided. My wife, Letty, and myself fell to Felix Smith. We brought our youngest child, July Florence, with us and left behind four boys and four girls. The boys' names were Jordan, Wade Hamilton, Henry Harrison and George Washington ; the girls' names were Prudence Elizabeth, Maria Ellen, Mary Elvira and Martha Tane. In the division Maria Ellen was drawn by D. R. Smith, Mary, Martha and George by Henry Turner ; Wade Hamilton by Mary Detainer ; Henry Harrison by Valentine Pruit, and Jordan by the widow John. I am very old and feeble and want to find them so I can get to some of them, or they to me, for I need some help. I had a brother named Joseph Jacobs, and a niece named Cornelia Ann Jacobs Joseph was a freeman, and Coneale belonged to D. B. Smith. Please address me at Batesville, Ark. GYE SMITH

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