Harriet Elizabeth King searching for her father Richard Lynch, mother Nancy King, and daughter

DEAR EDITOR—Please be kind enough to allow me a short space in your paper, that I may learn the whereabouts of my father, mother and daughter. My name is Harriet Elizabeth King. I was born in Retherford county, North Carolina. My mother's name was Nancy King, and we belonged to Noah King, of the county and State aforesaid. I was sold by King to Thos. Edwards, who sold me to a speculator named Ladson Mills, who took me to Mississippi and sold me to Lawrence Wade, who brought me to Harri-

son county, Texas, where I have been since the surrender. I had four sisters—Mary Ann Delency, Tamer, Delane and Arabella. My brothers were John, Jackson, Alfred, and Adolph King. My father's name was Richard Lynch. Please address me at Lodwick, Marion Co., Texas. HARRIET E. KING.

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