Rebecca Lord searching for her siblings Madison, James Alvest, Eliza Elizabeth, and Ellen Mahoney Lord

DEAR EDITOR—I wish to inquire about some of my lost relatives. I have two brothers and two sisters. My brothers are named Madison Lord and James Alvest Lord. When last heard from they were living in Bayou Sara, La. My oldest sister. Eliza Elizabeth Lord, when last heard from was somewhere in Alabama. My other sister, Ellen Mahoney Lord, when last heard from was living in South Carolina. Our father's name is Sam Brown ; my mother's Betty Brown. My mother and all the children belonged to one Wm. Lord and I have a number of relatives living in Holly Springs, Miss. I have an uncle named Affellow Monroe. When last heard from he was living in Philadelphia. Any information of any or all of them will be gladly received. Address me at Bryan, Brazos Co., Texas. REBECCA LORD.

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