Hannah Johnson searching for her parents Susan and Paul

DEAR EDITOR—I desire to find my people. Mother's name is Susan, and father's name is Paul. They belonged to John Bull, who was living then in South Carolina near Abbeville courthouse. We were sold to different men; I was sold to a man by the name of Robert with my sister named Cassey. I have five other sisters of whom I have not heard from since we were parted. Their names are Philpy, Melia, Wilby, Lizzie and Dollie. Sister Melia had five children; Wilby had three; they were all girls. Philpy had four; they were boys. My husband is dead; I had two children before he died; he was called Frank Bull, but since our emancipation he is known as Frank Johnson. I am a poor widow, and anything of their whereabouts will be thankfully received. Address me at Mather-

ville, Miss, in care of John Calbert. HANNAH JOHNSON

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