Huldy South searching for their siblings Mary, Phoebe, Dicy, Durieshia, Hince, Nathan, Joshua, Ab, and Henry

DEAR EDITOR-- I wish to inquire for my mother's relations I lived in South Carolina, near Poplar Spring Church, near Boyd's mill. I had four sisters and five brothers. My sisters' names were Mary, Phoebe, Dicy, Durieshia, and my name is Huldy. My brothers are Hince, Nathan, Joshua, Ab and Henry. My mother's name was Viny, but they nicknamed her Brine. We belonged to an old man by the name of Bill South. My father's name was Peter Waits, and he belonged to Phil Waits. My mother is dead. She died since I left there. I belonged to old man Johnny South. Address Huldy South, Stockbridge, Henry Co., Ga.

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